What is the best type of hanger to use to install gutters?

There are two primary types of hangers in use today. The first type of hangers are called “spike and ferrule” hangers and involve a large nail or spike that is driven through the front of the gutter and into the house. While very strong, these hangers often lead to fascia rot and are also very hard to remove to adjust the gutter in anyway.

The second type of hangers are called “hidden hangers.” These are brackets that clip into the gutter and then are attached to the house with a screw. The advantage of these hangers is that they can be easily installed and adjusted. One downside of these hangers is that they are often not as strong as “nail and ferrule” hangers. In order to address this, we use Raytec Hangfast gutter hangers capable of holding and impressive 260lbs per hanger.